Katherine (Spain)

Wow, wow, wow! I am buzzing, that was the most incredible experience. The body energy code session I have just walked away from was brilliant!

I feel lighter, happier, more balanced and joyous knowing that various blocks, walls, curses, entities, traumas etc from this lifetime or past one’s have been identified and released to the light.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who can’t quite put there finger on why they feel the way they do.. it was wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can not wait to get on with the next chapter of my life... I feel re-energized and free! X

Lara (Spain)

It really is amazing what Kirsten can resolve with the Body Code. Last week one of my cats was very poorly and she appeared to be dying. Kirsten did a remote session for her and overnight she got fully well again. I can’t be thankful enough for this. Yesterday I was in so much pain from my lower back so I called for a session and there were a lot of issues connected with the problem. Today I feel much better 😃

Florentine  (Germany )

The sessions with you are great, I feel so much better and everything is much easier for me now - it is incredible.  Also you helped my dogs -Thank you so much for your help

Samantha W. age 32

Kirsten is a fantastic energy healer – I have had a couple of sessions with her and she helped me on many different levels. Yesterday I had a session with her because of a very strong pain in my left shoulder I now had for over 3 months – I tried everything but the pain did not ease off – just after 24 hours after the session the pain was totally gone – Amazing. Kirsten also did a session on my dog who had problems with the stomach and she behaved very odd - and the vet could not figure out what it was – with the help of these sessions, my dog is now happy and healthy again – I can highly recommend her

Isabelle M. age 32

Amazing changes in very short time. Kirsten is a very loving and gifted healer. Thank you for your help! ❤️🙏🏻

Marlene P. age 66

I had a few sessions with Kirsten, and I am amazed! I felt quite a bit better after the first session, but needed a bit more... she was very thorough, and the results are wonderful. I´m not totally cured yet, but finally on the way, after 5 months of trying so many other treatments.... Kirsten´s worked the best!

Claudia M. 53

Es ist absolut beeindruckend, was Kirsten herausarbeitet und wie sich das bei mir anschließend anfühlt und wie sich die gesundheitlichen Probleme regelrecht auflösen. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt.

Anne Z. ( Spain )

I was intrigued to try Kirsten’s technique and I must say I was very impressed! I had been accumulating some weight around my tummy and hips and I felt there were some told emotions trapped in that area. Kirsten worked fast and effectively. I only did one Body Code session, nothing else, and I lost about 5kg, feeling much lighter and more agile now. It seems like magic! Thank you Kirsten! I will certainly repeat. Anne Z. Theta Healing practitioner and instructor

Jane T (Australia)

Kirsten is a very confident practitioner. She has helped me with an ongoing problem, not being able to work for someone else (getting a job) I used her tools that she gave me as well and 2 days later got a job interview. I have now had my 3rd interview and it looks so promising, also my attitude has changed towards working. i highly recommend this method with Kirsten Fleig. Much gratitude!

Cats A. ( UK)

Kirsten you are a genius for discovering the immeasurable benefits of the Emotion and Body Code and for your hard work and dedication to put it into practice! Having had ulcerative colitis (similar to Crohn’s disease) for over 30 years, I’ve tried innumerable holistic potions and therapies with little success. After two sessions of the Body Code, I’m delighted to report I am symptom free today and my energy has quadrupled! Of course its early days, but I feel with Kirsten’s expertise, this scientific, non-invasive sortie into my subconscious mind might just make ‘Remission Impossible’ POSSIBLE! Thanks Chica!

Karin M.(Spain)

Already after my first session I noticed a feeling of relief and if I shifted a big burden off my shoulder. My bronchial catarrh was gone the next day. I can´t thank Kirsten enough for her brilliant and dedicated healing work. I am convinced that many people could be helped with their problems if they would get their heart wall removed. Their life would change immediately .If I think about all the money I have spent in the past for treatments and therapy which didn’t really help and with only a few sessions I achieved much better results with Kirsten, I am so thankfull. I honestly believe that you cannot pay enough for such amazing results. It was absolutely worth it and I already recommended her to many of my friends and family. Thanks a lot Kirsten

Cornelia B: ( Germany )

Fantastic! I am blown away by the results: Haemorrhoids pain gone! My cat is feeling much better! My business and relationship improving! THANK YOU

G. Gallaher Dr.PH (Australia age 42)

I have received Kirsten’s help using the Emotion Code over the last 3 years.  Kirsten’s techniques when using the Emotion Code have been a huge help to me - not only in terms of my emotional health but also my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Kirsten is very capable, very encouraging and extremely understanding and compassionate.  I know she constantly works at cultivating and improving her healing practice so that many others can also benefit from the Emotion Code.

Mark G. (Marbella Spain age 50)

Just a brief few words of gratitude to Kirsten for her work with the Emotional code. I have always believed that my mental, emotional and spiritual health affect my physical health. After each session with Kirsten, not only did I feel more at peace but I was also aware of the positive results that happened after each session, in relation to specific issues I needed to clear. I cannot recommend Kirsten enough and you should see for yourself.Huge success.

Paul C (UK age 40)

Kirsten thanks so much for your help so far. It has really made big changes to both my relationship with my girlfriend and my back and my relationship with my stepdaughter.

Samantha W. (The Netherlands age 30)

I have had the pleasure to have had the opportunity of experiencing the emotion code with Kirsten.I have had a hard youth, which has trapped a lot of emotions in my body, that I didn’t know about, and caused unpleasant health experiences which no doctor could find an explanation for. For years I have had belly problems, which thanks to Kirsten they are all gone. I also was very shy and nervous person with people that I hardly knew, which has helped me a great deal. My biggest problem was trying to defend myself to my boss without shedding a tear, as I was an emotional wreck. I feel so much stronger now and deal with whatever comes my way The emotion code has helped me in so many ways, and I am so thankful to Kirsten for helping me.

Lotta H (Sweden age 51)

I had never heard of the Emotion Code when I came for my first session and was pleasantly surprised that it involved no physical discomfort and no real effort on part of the receiver. It's indeed a very unobtrusive treatment which can help to dislodge physical and mental imbalances in the body by unblocking unhealthy belief systems and unwanted memories. I can truthfully say that this is something everyone should try.

Arabella W (Spain age 50)

my experience with Kirsten as my Emotion Code therapist has been nothing less than an amazing valuable experience. I learned a lot about myself, how to handle life better and how to let go. All we are is energy and... All is connected. I am more connected now with myself and feel more at peace. Thank you, Kirsten, and wishing you lots of light and love for your future.

Helen W ( age 52 Spain )

Since I have been treated by Kirsten and the emotion code my sensibility towards my entire body and emotions have been totally back into balance – it is a unbelievable great method and I have experienced fantastic results  my highest recommendations and so professional done by Kirsten

Patricia B. (Germany age 54)

I have been treated by distance from Kirsten. I had a very hard time sleeping - for a long period of time now. I kept waking up and could not get back to sleep – I was totally exhausted. With 3 sessions with the emotion code – I am back to a longer and deeper restful sleep and am very grateful for this method and Kirsten’s help with this matter – I can really recommend this to everybody with similar problems.

Evelyn L (Germany age 50)

I discovered the ‘Emotion Code’ some months ago and can only testify that it does work! Even if some doubters may be able to explain away the results with the placebo effect - the final proof is the effect it had on two of my cats who were treated remotely, after only releasing a couple of emotions they had absorbed from me , their behaviour was completely changed to the better – they are more trusty now and happier  . For myself, I have seen very good results. For instance, I had a tennis elbow which stubbornly refused to react to medical treatments and was constantly bothering me for about 12 years. After addressing it during a session the pain nearly completely vanished.  I can highly recommend to just give it a try, and see for yourself

Sasha P. (Greece age 40)

Kirsten has treated me for blinding headaches as well as treating my dog Jake who was maltreated by his previous owner. Both I and my dog have benefited greatly from Kirsten’s and the emotion code method she uses. My headaches are nearly gone and my dog is calmer and generally happier in himself her approach is very calm and gentle and I can highly recommend her.

Caroline S (Ireland age 48)

I must admit I knew very little about Emotion Code before my session with Kirsten.  Before our session, she helpfully explained the basic principles to me. Kirsten is extremely intuitive and has a strong desire to help others.  It was remarkable the different aspects of my life and that of my ancestors which were addressed.  I certainly felt more positive and free at the end of the session and would recommend it to anyone who wants release negative emotions which are affecting their present life.  After 2 sessions with Kirsten – my carrier path totally changed for the better and I can real fee the positive impact this energy work had on my

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