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My name is Kirsten Fleig (KIKI) ,I am of German nationality and I live and work in Southern Spain since 2000 with my husband.

I have always been on the search for alternative healing methods.

I was trained in Germany and worked for over 7 years with the method of family constellations by Hellinger. About 4 years ago a friend recommended me The Emotion and Body Code method from Dr. Bradley Nelson. After learning this method I started to work on myself, family, friends and animals. They all had great results with this energy therapy, which almost always showed immediate positive changing results.

I had so many people coming and asking for my help that I decided to make this a profession and I got certified with the healer’s library in 2017. I am also certified for the Body Code which is the most advanced method in energy healing today.

The Emotion and Body code impressed me by its relative simplicity in getting to the root of an issue without the need for the client to share highly personal details. Each client of mine is treated with complete confidentiality, for me, trust is the base of successfully working together.

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