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SP Testimonials

Katherine (Spain)

Wow, wow, wow! I am buzzing, that was the most incredible experience. The body energy code session I have just walked away from was brilliant!

I feel lighter, happier, more balanced and joyous knowing that various blocks, walls, curses, entities, traumas etc from this lifetime or past one’s have been identified and released to the light.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who can’t quite put there finger on why they feel the way they do.. it was wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can not wait to get on with the next chapter of my life… I feel re-energized and free! X

Lara (Spain)

It really is amazing what Kirsten can resolve with the Body Code. Last week one of my cats was very poorly and she appeared to be dying. Kirsten did a remote session for her and overnight she got fully well again. I can’t be thankful enough for this. Yesterday I was in so much pain… Continue Reading

Florentine  (Germany )

The sessions with you are great, I feel so much better and everything is much easier for me now – it is incredible.  Also you helped my dogs -Thank you so much for your help Continue Reading

Samantha W. age 32

Kirsten is a fantastic energy healer – I have had a couple of sessions with her and she helped me on many different levels. Yesterday I had a session with her because of a very strong pain in my left shoulder I now had for over 3 months – I tried everything but the pain… Continue Reading

Marlene P. age 66

I had a few sessions with Kirsten, and I am amazed! I felt quite a bit better after the first session, but needed a bit more… she was very thorough, and the results are wonderful. I´m not totally cured yet, but finally on the way, after 5 months of trying so many other treatments…. Kirsten´s… Continue Reading

Claudia M. 53

Es ist absolut beeindruckend, was Kirsten herausarbeitet und wie sich das bei mir anschließend anfühlt und wie sich die gesundheitlichen Probleme regelrecht auflösen. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt. Continue Reading

Anne Z. ( Spain )

I was intrigued to try Kirsten’s technique and I must say I was very impressed! I had been accumulating some weight around my tummy and hips and I felt there were some told emotions trapped in that area. Kirsten worked fast and effectively. I only did one Body Code session, nothing else, and I lost… Continue Reading

Jane T (Australia)

Kirsten is a very confident practitioner. She has helped me with an ongoing problem, not being able to work for someone else (getting a job) I used her tools that she gave me as well and 2 days later got a job interview. I have now had my 3rd interview and it looks so promising,… Continue Reading

Cats A. ( UK)

Kirsten you are a genius for discovering the immeasurable benefits of the Emotion and Body Code and for your hard work and dedication to put it into practice! Having had ulcerative colitis (similar to Crohn’s disease) for over 30 years, I’ve tried innumerable holistic potions and therapies with little success. After two sessions of the… Continue Reading

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